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Twitchy Pixie is a fashion and accessory resale boutique started in 2015 by Lizz Billinson, 30, a resident of Vancouver by way of Virginia, and Washington D.C.

Billinson has been interested in fashion her whole life and in 2015 realized she had cool vintage things she didn’t want anymore or new things she didn’t get to wear (and likely wouldn’t).

Realizing she’s likely not alone, she created Twitchy Pixie, a place where people can not only find some pretty cool fashions, but can offer their own for sale on consignment!

Originally created to celebrate women who shared the desire to stand out from the crowd, and now offering fashions for men as well, Twitchy Pixie carries all different sizes of upscale, vintage, designer, new, or “pre-loved” clothing items that each have a story–all at accessible prices. All items are curated to an audience who dares to be different; who wants to ‘celebrate their strange!’

The name Twitchy Pixie is a playful nod to Lizz’s experience of being diagnosed with Tourette’s Syndrome at the age of eight. Since then, she has come to accept Tourette’s Syndrome as an important part of her identity and inspires her clients and customers to “be as weird as they want to be.”

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